Tenders Registration Form
The Indian nationals who are residing in the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, (266, rue Maréchal Leclerc, 97400 Saint Denis, La Réunion) are advised to register themselves with the Consulate General of India, Saint Denis, La Réunion in the following prescribed proforma.
Online Registration for Indian Nationals Living in Saint Denis, La Réunion.
First Name Other Name
Father's/Spouse Name Date of Birth
Place of Birth Marital status
Sex Mother Tongue
Passport Number Place of Issue
Date of Issue Date of expiry
Occupation/Profession Nationality/Citizenship
E-mail Address First Arrival
Expected departure Office Address
Office Phone No. Office Fax No.
Address in India Phone No.
Fax No.
Contact Person in Emergency

Phone No.
Fax No. Membership of any Association/Organization.
Family Details
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Occupation 1
Relationship 1 Name 2
Occupation 2 Relationship 2
Name 3 Occupation 3
Relationship 3
Any other information you would like to share with us.